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Help for the Do-It-Yourself Investor

Your financial security is important to you. If you, like most people, are “do it yourself” investors, you are always looking for valuable aids to help you improve your investment returns, and more importantly, avoid major market declines. You realize that this is not a game. Your investment decisions have a huge impact not just on you, but on your entire family.

Your actions can mean the difference between choice of college for your children or comfort level in retirement for yourself. It impacts most areas of your life, from your ability to give generously to the causes you care deeply about, to whether you can afford to take that well-deserved vacation this year.

With so much at stake, you have every right to be concerned. In the investment world there are 10,000 voices all crying out to you, proclaiming help, and often claiming a fast road to riches. All the messages sound good, at least initially, but how do you know who to trust?

The Prudent Investor newsletter was designed for someone just like you. We seek to be careful in our “promises,” and prefer to let our performance over time speak for itself. We provide you with the tools you need to make intelligent investment decisions. Our Asset Allocation Models help you adjust your personal investment portfolio each month to take advantage of the cyclical nature of over- and under-valuation of both stocks and bonds. With The Prudent Investor, you have a sober guide for your investment decisions.


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