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From the Editor

The articles and commentary below are taken from our monthly newsletter and are provided here as a convenient reference for our readers.

Optimizing your Trading Strategy (12/06)

Tax Optimization for Dividend Paying Stocks (12/06)

Fickle Markets (10/06)

Commenting on Our Stock Model Portfolio (10/06)

Housing Is Front Page News (9/06)

Could The Fed Model Be Wrong? (9/06)

Second Half ‘06 Forecast (7/06)

Using the Fed Model to Enhance Returns (6/06)

A Few Fed Model Details (6/06)

So What Is the Fed Model?

Sticking to Your Discipline

Farewell to an Old Friend

Interest Rates and the Economy

The Real Problem with Higher Rates

Making the Most of Rate Hikes

What’s an Extra 2%?

2005 in Review (1/06)

Websites and WebLogs (Blogs) (1/06)

Protecting Your Financial Data (1/06)

When Higher Energy Prices are Good (12/05)

Taking Advantage of Volatility (12/05)

Energy Worries (11/05)

Housing Problems? (11/05)

Stay the Course (11/05)

“Sell in May and Go Away” (10/05)

Is There a Housing Bubble? (8/05)

A Sobering Look at Retirement Trends (7/05)

Our Investment Principles (cont’d) (6/05)

Our Investment Principles (5/05)

A Volatile Month for the Model (4/05)

Saving for College and Retirement (4/05)

Modifying the Fed Model (3/05)

Leveraging at the Top? (3/05)

Bond Market Behavior (2/05)

Following the Model (2/05)

Why the Name? (1/05)

What Can You Expect? (1/05)

Your Feedback is Welcomed (1/05)


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